#Staffpick: Super Sleuth Stories for 0-5

Family Friendly Picks

This Is Not My Hat

by John Klassen

A little fish and a dastardly deed-will he get away with his crime? He believes he is quick and clever, but perhaps a fish can have too much confidence. Follow this little fish as he tries to get away with the most dangerous and sneaky crime in all of fish history: stealing a big fish’s hat.

John Klassen’s work is short and sweet with beautifully textured and captivating illustrations. “This Is Not My Hat” provides young readers and listeners with the chance to experience the magic of knowing just a bit more than their characters, or in this case, than the prime suspect of a crime!

What James Said

by Liz Rosenberg

When a little girl believes her best friend in the world, James, has been spreading rumors about her, a fight, although one-sided, quickly ensues. However, without James by her side, life is suddenly quiet and boring.

A funny and relatable story about rumors, misunderstanding, and the importance of getting both sides of a story. And of course, the blessing of true friendship.

The Donkey Egg

by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

Clever Fox has gifted Grumpy Old Bear with an incredible treasure- a donkey egg! Bear waits for his donkey to hatch, even though Hare says donkeys don’t come from eggs. They do though, don’t they…?

This story will keep you guessing with its twists and turns. What will happen with the mysterious donkey egg? Readers will learn that sometimes, even when everything goes terribly off course, the end of any story might be better than you ever thought it could be.

Something's Wrong!

by Jory John

Jeff the bear has gotten himself all ready for the day. He has eaten breakfast, taken a bath, and even watered his plants, but he still has a nagging feeling that he has forgotten something. It certainly doesn’t help that all of the forest creatures keep giving him funny looks…

Jory John's clever writing paired with Eric Kraan's delightful illustrations make for a story anyone can enjoy. This story about confidence, anxiety, and coming to a friend’s aid in their time of need will have kids and adults giggling up a storm!

Family Chat Pick

After the Fall- How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again

by Dan Santat

We all know the story of old Humpty Dumpty. You know, the one who had a great fall and was patched back up by the king’s men. The story you probably do not know is what happened after the whole fall incident. It is certainly not what you would expect.

Santat's retelling of this classic story provides an incredible opportunity to learn the true meaning of resilience, all wrapped up with relatable text and beautiful illustrations. A wonderful story about getting back up and learning to fly once again, even if not in the way you once expected.

Bilingual Book Pick

La tignasse de Max/Aaron's Hair (choix bilingue)

by/par Robert Munsch

Aaron’s hair is a bit of a troublemaker. It is very long and never does quite what he asks it to do. One day, when he has finally had enough, Aaron decides he hates his hair, and tells it so. With horribly hurt feelings, Aaron’s hair jumps off his head and escapes into the city where it decides to grow in some very silly places. How will Aaron possibly get his hair back?

Max a une tignasse et un gros problème. En essayant de ressembler à son père, Max a laissé ses cheveux pousser. Malheureusement, ses cheveux n’aiment pas beaucoup faire ce qu’ils devraient faire. Un jour, Max décide qu’il déteste ses cheveux, donc la tignasse saute de sa tête et s'échappe envers la ville, ou ça décide de pousser dans des emplacements hilarants. Peut Max retrouver sa tignasse?

Books Just for Babies

That's Not My Puppy...

by Fiona Watt

A tactile board book with simple, repetitive text, and boldly coloured images-perfect for the littlest of readers. Can you find the little white mouse on every page?

Each Peach Pear Plum

by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

A charming story based on classic fairy tales! Each peach pear plum, I spy Tom Thumb! Can you see him?

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