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Do you need to find reliable information to help you ace that assignment? TNRL’s databases have lots of information not typically available through Google. All you need is your library card to log in and start your research.

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#StaffPick: Diverse Reads

Compared to twenty years ago, we’ve come a long way in diverse representation! There’s always improvements to make, but now, we are starting to see people of every shape, colour, belief, gender, sexuality, and ability at the forefront of our stories. Here are a few diverse reads for you, if you’re looking for something new. They are all under a year old and have gotten a lot of positive attention!

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Staying Motivated in School

Are you or someone you care about heading back to school? Whatever school looked like for you last September, you’re undoubtedly experiencing some changes. Whether you’re learning virtually or in-person here are some of Julia’s tips to help you move forward positively this September.

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