#Staffpick: Monsters and the Paranormal Stories for 0-5

Family Friendly Picks

The Adventures of Beekle, The Unimaginary Friend

by Dan Santat

When imaginary friends are born, they live far away on a special island, waiting for their children to imagine them up! Beekle waits all day and all night for his special friend to imagine him, but the day never seems to come. Tired of waiting around, Beekle sets off on an adventure to find his friend in the real world. What he finds will be better than he could ever have imagined.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts

by Matthew McElligot

Each month, on the night of a full moon, a young barber sets out to his father’s barber shop to tame the monstrous manes of the many monsters that live in his town. Follow a little boy in his unique quest to keep his local monsters looking sharp and smelling rancid!

My Pet Book

by Bob Staake

Have you ever wanted a pet without all the trouble and work that often comes with one? This little boy in Smartytown has figured out the perfect pet: a frisky red book! One day, his pet book goes missing! Did it run away? If you were a book, where would you hide? Simple rhymes, vibrant images, and a clever story make this book a good choice as a pet of your own.


by Samantha Berger

Crankenstein is the scariest monster in the world. He was once just an ordinary boy. Bad days, however, can wreak havoc on any child. No syrup for pancakes? Too hot for popsicles? Long waits in long lines? Watch out for CRANKENSTEIN!

I Need My Monster

by Amanda Noll

When Ethan checks under his bed for his monster one night, he finds a note! His monster, Gabe, has gone fishing and will be gone for a whole week. How on earth will Ethan stay in bed if there is no scary monster underneath it to stop him from getting out? Ethan needs a substitute monster, but just any monster will simply not do.

The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo

by Elaine Bickell

Poor Little Ghost has lost her boo! She has seen a coo, and a whoo, and a cock-a-doodle-doo, but there is no boo to be seen. Can you help her find it?

Family Chat Pick

Ruby Finds a Worry

by Tom Percival

Ruby is a perfectly happy little girl, until one day, she discovers something unexpected: a worry. It is a very small worry, so Ruby decides to try to ignore it. But the more she ignores it, the bigger it gets. It gets bigger and bigger until it is enormous and she cannot help but do the worst thing you can do with a worry: worry about it! Ruby feels like she is the only one with a worry, and that her worry will never go away. When Ruby meets a little boy who also has a worry, she discovers the best thing you can do when you have a worry: talk about it.

Ruby Finds a Worry is a relatable story for kids and adults of all ages. When we know how to handle our worries, it is much harder for them to grow and become enormous. This is the perfect discussion story for young children, who are learning to recognize and deal with their emotions, thoughts, needs, and worries. For more information on children’s mental health, check out https://childmind.org/.

Bilingual Book Pick

Thelma, la licorne/ Thelma the Unicorn

by Aaron Blabey

Thelma adorerait être une licorne brillante et étincelante, et par un coup du sort, elle reçoit sa chance! Thelma devient une licorne célèbre, mais elle apprend rapidement que la gloire du célèbre est solitaire. Suivez Thelma alors qu’elle découvre le coût de la célébrité et la valeur d’un véritable ami.

Thelma would love to be a bright, sparkling unicorn, and in a twist of fate, she gets her chance! Thelma becomes a celebrity unicorn, but she soon comes to realize that the spotlight is lonely. Follow Thelma as she realizes the cost of fame and the value of a true friend.

Books Just for Babies

Go Away, Big Green Monster!

by Ed Emberley

The big green monster is coming! He has yellow eyes, a long nose, sharp teeth, and a green face. Can you make him go away?

Count, Dagmar

by J.otto Seibold

Dagmar, the vampire, is throwing a party. Can you help him count while he prepares?

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