Name the Chicks

The Merritt Library chicks are hatching – and they need names! Winners will be randomly selected and will win a prize.

Merritt Chicks Incubating

The Merritt Library Chicks are doing their thing, happily incubating until their expected due date of May 12.

The Merritt Library is Hatching Chicks!

The eggs were laid here in Merritt and they come from various chicken breed including Ameraucanas, Copper Marans, and Houdans.

Staying Motivated in School

Are you or someone you care about heading back to school? Whatever school looked like for you last September, you’re undoubtedly experiencing some changes. Whether you’re learning virtually or in-person here are some of Julia’s tips to help you move forward positively this September.

How to Overcome a Reading Slump

Do you ever find yourself picking up your phone and mindlessly scrolling Instagram? Meanwhile, accomplishing your Goodreads reading goal is looking less and less likely. It can feel disheartening when you’re not being as productive as the people posting constant homemade bread pictures on Facebook. With these tips, you can overcome that reading slump and get back on track.

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