#Staffpick: Secret Mission Stories for 0-5

Family Friendly Picks

Elwood Bigfoot - WANTED: Birdie Friends!

by Jill Esbaum

Elwood Bigfoot is lonely. Living in the forest all alone is not very fun, and the thing he would like more than anything else in the world is friends, specifically birdy friends!

What Elwood doesn’t quite understand, however, is that birdies are a bit skittish: they do not like loud noises. And if Elwood is anything, he is definitely LOUD.

Will Elwood learn how to make friends with the birds?

The Dark

by Lemony Snicket

Laszlo is afraid of the dark, and unfortunately, the dark lives in his basement. Everyday, Laszlo is very careful to be kind to the dark by greeting it hello and never invading its space in the basement.

One night, when Laszlo’s night light goes out, the dark visits him in his bedroom. As he comes to discover, just because he is afraid of the dark does not mean that the dark is afraid of him. But perhaps the dark is a little kinder than Laszlo always thought it would be.

Doors in the Air

by David Weale and Pierre Pratt

The best part of a house, or anywhere really, is the doors. Door can take you anywhere, into a house, into a room, or into a place completely of your own creation. In this story, a little boy explores the doors in the air, the ones that take you to any fantastical place you can imagine.

What do you do if you feel sad or blue? You imagine a happy door of course - you don’t always have to stay where you are.

Where the Wild Things Are

by Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are is a world renowned classic children’s story. Max, a rather unruly, wolf-suit wearing child, is sent to his room without supper. A forest grows in his bedroom, an ocean blooms out of thin air, and a private sail boat takes him away to where the wild things are. Max becomes king of the wild things and orders a wild rumpus, but he soon begins to miss his home and his mum’s yummy cooking.

Vibrant images and a heart warming conclusion will have readers enjoying this story again and again.

Family Chat Pick


by Minh Lê

Pressing the elevator button is a very special task for Iris. Her apartment building has an elevator and it is always her job to press the button - that is until her little brother takes over. Betrayal!

When the button is replaced by maintenance and thrown into the trash, Iris snatches it out of the bin. Pressing the button is her job after all! When she tapes it to her wall in her bedroom, it suddenly lights up and dings! It seems that something has arrived on the other side of her closet door...

Lift is a stunning story, perfect for the family to enjoy together. Minh Lê’s text together with Dan Santat’s illustrations make for a lush exploration of anger and betrayal, as well as the changes that come when we put our anger aside and share the things we love with the people we love.

Bilingual Book Pick


by/par Jo Ellen Bogart

Grandma loves to travel the world, and she always brings back the most incredible gifts for her young granddaughter. Gorgeous plasticine artwork and a timeless story of adventure, love, and legacy, make for a book that will please readers of all ages.

Grand-mère aime beaucoup voyager. Elle a presque traversé le monde déjà, et chaque fois qu’elle est de retour de ses voyages, elle ramène un cadeau pour sa petite fille. Un histoire de l’amour, l’aventure, et l’impact de l'héritage.

Books Just for Babies

Were Going on a Bear Hunt

by Michael Rosen

Let's go on a bear hunt! Do you think we will find one? We will have to go through the swishy grass, the cold river, and the squishy mud. And maybe even a dark, dark cave!

The Wheels on the Bus

by Annie Kubler

Enjoy a classic song together in this beautifully illustrated board book.

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