Early Literacy

#Literacytip: Your Emergency Literacy Toolbox

Children often get bored, tired, or too energetic to sit still while grown ups are doing grown up things. Keep learning and entertainment at your child’s fingertips using these literacy activities!

#Literacytip: Sounds and Syllables

Learning to read is not an easy task. Here are some tips for teaching young children phonological and phonemic awareness. These are two of the tools they need to read independently!

Active Play: Anytime Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a fun way to get kids moving, exploring, and experimenting with the limits of their own bodies. So many skills can be wrapped into one activity and one obstacle course can be adapted for a myriad of ages and abilities.

#Literacytip: Learning at the Grocery Store

Grocery stores are the perfect place for learning. There are countless opportunities for kids to learn new concepts and practice old ones – all while getting the weekly shopping done!

Early Literacy Kits

Our Early Literacy Kits are designed to help parents, guardians, and childcare providers support their children’s early literacy through meaningful interactions.

Early Literacy: Talk

Talking to, and with, your child is one of the main ways to help them develop their language skills.

Early Literacy: Sing

Singing is one of the best ways for children to learn language.

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