#teenpick – The Magic Misfits

Another #teenpick from Justice!

Carter is a young street magician and he’s on a journey to find a new place where he can belong. However, he never expects to find a place like the New England town of Mineral Wells. There he meets a kindhearted illusionist named Dante Vernon and a new group of friends who share his love of magic. Unfortunately, this new town also brings new dangers with it. A man named B.B. Bosso and his crooked gang arrive in Mineral Wells, and they’re on a mission to rob the town blind! Now, it is up to Carter and his new group of friends to rise up to the challenge and stop Bosso with clever thinking, wit, and a little bit of magic.

This book is truly a wonder. It’s full of heart and wit, and shows it’s audience how to make a little magic of their own. I enjoyed the sketches that were in the book, they added a new kind of light and energy. But my favourite part was by far the message. No matter how odd or different you are, you can always bring a little magic into the world. A book made for those who love adventure and illusions, I highly recommend this enchanting series!

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