#Staffpick: Amazing People Stories for 0-5

Family Friendly Picks

The Bad Seed

by Jory John

The Bad Seed is a bad dude. In fact he is really, really baaaaaad. He is stinky, he cuts in line, he tells bad jokes, and he never, ever listens. The Bad Seed knows he was not always bad, but after a nasty crack to the shell as a little seedling, everything just went wrong! One day, the Bad Seed decides he is tired of feeling bad all the time. That is when his life really starts to change.

Shark Lady

by Jess Keating

Eugenie Clark is a fearless scientist who has had a passion for sharks since she was a little girl. In this true story, discover how Eugenie fell in love with sharks and changed the way humans understand the amazing creatures. And how she ended up with the nickname “Shark Lady”.

Reading Beauty

by Deborah Underwood

Princess Lex is a bookworm. Lex loves to spend each day with her nose stuck in a book. When the Royal Book Removal removes all of her books on the morning of her fifteenth birthday, Lex is terribly upset. She soon finds out that when she was a baby, a nasty fairy cursed her. The curse states that at fifteen years old, Princess Lex would turn the page of a book and fall into a death-like sleep, never to wake up again! Follow Lex on her quest to get back her books and out smart a mean fairy with a sneaky secret. Will Lex get a happily ever after?

Shirley Chisholm is a Verb!

by Veronica Chambers

“Shirley Chisholm was a doer, a force of action, a change maker.” Shirley Chisholm is one of the most revered black women in the history of American politics. She is an example for us all and is now celebrated as one of the greatest change-makers in history. In this short biography, we follow the journey of a young woman finding her power, speaking up, and standing strong. Learn how Shirley Chisholm lead the way for future generations of women and people of colour to make their own change.

Family Chat Pick

My Name is Blessing

by Eric Walters

Muthini is a difficult name for a little boy from Kenya to bear; Muthini means suffering. In this true story, a little boy named Muthini does not have much. There is little to eat, there are no new clothes to wear, he has no parents, and there are also fingers and a hand missing from his little body. What he does have, however, is a wonderfully loving Nyanya, his grandmother, who would sacrifice the world for him. In this story of special needs and special care, follow Muthini as he finds his place in the world and learns his true name is not suffering but blessing.

Muthini's story is a wonderful opportunity to discuss need, poverty, and disability, as well as the sacrifices we make for those that we love.

Bilingual Book Pick

Bedtime Is Canceled/L'heure du dodo est annulée

by/par Cece Meng

The note read: Bedtime is canceled. Maggie thought of it. Her brother wrote it. A journalist read it. This was big news. He reported it . Before they knew it, the whole city discovered that bedtime had officially been canceled, so no one went to sleep!

Le message disait : « l'heure du dodo est annulée ». C'était l'idée de Maude. Son frère l'avait écrit. Un journaliste l'a lu. C'était une grande nouvelle. Il l'a publiée. Avant qu'ils ne s'en rendent compte, toute la ville est informée que l'heure du dodo est annulée, alors plus personne ne va se coucher!

Books Just for Babies

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

by Mem Fox

Ten little fingers, ten little toes, and an adorable button nose. Who could that possibly be? You! One of the most amazing little people in the world.

Follow Your Dreams, Little One

by Vashti Harrison

These amazing people will inspire little ones to shoot for the stars and go for their dreams!

Did you enjoy these books?

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