Month: May 2020

Literacy at Home: Alphabet Matching (Chalk Edition)

We’re back with another simple activity that you can use at home with your children to help support the development of their early literacy skills! There are five practices that do this, and in this activity we’re focusing on reading, talking, and playing.

Yarn & Yap Resources

One of our most popular programs is Yarn & Yap, where folks come into the library to meet other fans of the fibre arts. So until we meet again, we wanted to share some of our staff’s favourite places to go for supplies, ideas, and help.

Weekend Kids Activity: Tornado in a Bottle

This weekend, we challenge you to become more familiar with our science database ScienceFlix by trying out this fun Tornado in a Bottle experiment! All you need to try this experiment are your library card and a few household objects.


Our staff give you a peek into their deepest secrets by exposing their personal bookshelves to the harsh light of the interwebs. #shelfie!

Literacy at Home: 3 Songs for 0-2s

We’re delighted to introduce a new initiative to help support caregivers practice early literacy with their children at home. There are five practices that support early literacy: talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing. Singing is one of our favourites!

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