Summer Reading Club

#Staffpick: Nature Stories for 0-5

Jump into these outdoorsy reads with your tiniest reader or with the whole family! Perfect for indoor smoky days or reading outdoors in the warm summer sun.

Detective Academy: Challenge 3

Every detective needs to have great observational skills so, this week we are going to sharpen our observational skills!​

SRC Week 2: STEAM and Scientific Discoveries

Welcome back to week 2 of Summer Reading Club! This week’s theme is STEAM and Scientific Discoveries. Check out these activities for adults and teens!​

Summer Craftivity: Lava Lamp

This week’s theme is STEAM! Our craft this week focuses on science. We are going to be making our very own lava lamp at home!

#Staffpick: STEAM Stories for 0-5

This week’s theme is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and scientific discoveries.  These STEAM-themed stories are great for  your littlest readers or the whole family.

#Staffpick: STEAM Books for 6-12

This week we are cracking the code with these #staffpicks from Nicola. These books all have some pretty wacky science elements.

Detective Academy: Challenge 2

Detectives often find themselves looking for DNA in their job. To make sure we are well rounded detectives this week we are going to get familiar with DNA.

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