#Staffpick: STEAM Stories for 0-5

Family Friendly Picks


by Tracey Corderoy

Why does toast make crumbs? Why do dropped things go smash? Otto is a little rhino with a lot of particularly messy questions. Questions are great, but they can be a little bit overwhelming for mummies and daddies, especially when each one comes with a mess. Follow Otto on his trip to the museum where he might find some answers (and Mummy and Daddy might find some too).

Rosie Revere, Engineer

by Andrea Beaty

Rosie Revere, though quiet and shy, is a great inventor, who dreams of being an engineer when she grows up. When Rosie’s great great aunt pays her a visit, and mentions her greatest wish in the whole entire world is to fly, Rosie sets to work on creating a flying machine. A wonderful story about determination, dreaming, creating, and what failure really means.

Fairy Science

by Ashley Spires

Esther the fairy doesn’t believe in magic, which is quite strange for a fairy. While her fairy friends believe in mystical moonlight dances, crystals, and chanting, Esther believes in asking questions and finding answers using the scientific method. Follow Esther in her quest to save a very old tree that is withering in the forest. Will the tree live and will Esther ever change anyone’s mind about science? A great story about taking the lead, going with your gut, and acting with real facts in mind!

Pink is for Boys

by Robb Pearlman

In a simple, but beautiful picture book, children and adults alike are encouraged to express themselves using the entire rainbow. A wonderful chance for younger children to learn their colours and take ownership of the entire rainbow, as well as an opportunity for seasoned readers to consider their bias towards rainbow colours. The rainbow is for everyone (even the colour pink).

Classic Folk Tale Pick

Something from Nothing

by Phoebe Gilman

Joseph's grandfather made him a beautiful blanket when he was born. As Joseph grows, the blanket becomes torn and dirty. Mother insists the old blanket be thrown out, but Joseph knows grandpa can fix it. The blanket must be mended many times, first into a coat, then a vest, and eventually a button. But when the button is lost, what is there to do? No one can make something out of nothing, even Grandpa. A beautiful story of creativity, craftsmanship, resilience, and love as well as a wonderful folktale for the entire family.

Family Chat Pick

The Barnabus Project

The Fan Brothers

Barnabus is classified as a “failed project” where perfect pets are concerned. He is part elephant, part mouse, and lives in a dank lab beneath the Perfect Pets Pet Store. When a small cockroach, Pip, pays a visit to Barnabus and tells him all about the stars, the trees, and the whole world outside, he begins to dream of life outside the lab. Barnabus soon discovers he will be recycled, and he does not like the idea of not being himself any longer. He decides that there is no other option; he and the other failed project must escape. There is, however, the problem of the bell jar he is trapped in and the Green Rubber Suits… As Barnabus says, nothing is impossible.

The Barnabus Project is a wonderful story to spark conversations about diversity, acceptance, fairness, resilience, and loving oneself. Barnabus may not be a "perfect pet", but he is pretty awesome nonetheless.

Bilingual Book Pick


by/par Marie-Louise Gay

Caramba is an ordinary cat, in most of the ways a cat can be ordinary. Except for the fact that, unlike the other cats he knows, Caramba cannot fly. No matter how hard he tries, Caramba cannot seem to take to the skies like he has always dreamed. That is until his cousins drag him up into the sky, an adventure which ends with him plunging into the ocean where he makes a surprising discovery.

Caramba est un chat tout à fait ordinaire de toute façon dont il pourrait être ordinaire. Sauf qu’il ne sait pas voler comme les autres chats qu’il sache. En dépit de ses efforts pour apprendre à le faire, voler ne semble pas être dans l’avenir. Soudainement, les cousins de Caramba s'escamotent dans le ciel, une aventure qui se finit en plongeant dans l'océan, où Caramba fait une découverte surprenante.

Books Just for Babies

ABC's of Mathematics

by Chris Ferrie

A board book for learning the alphabet and all about math! What could be better? Even adults might learn something new from this one.


by Emmy Castner

All about the weather! Sunshine, rain, thunderstorms... What is the weather like today?

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