#Staffpick: Nature Stories for 0-5

Family Friendly Picks

The Someone New

by Jill Twiss

When Jitterbug the chipmunk wakes up one morning, something seems different. She likes it when things stay the Same, but today, Someone New has arrived in the forest, and New makes Jitterbug’s tummy quiver in a funny way.

Pudding the snail has travelled to the forest following a nasty storm that flooded his garden home and left him all alone. When Pudding asks to live with Jitterbug and her friends in the forest, Jitterbug worries that nothing will ever be the Same again.

A beautiful story with charming illustrations, which teaches that kindness is always stronger than fear and that friends who tell you when you are wrong are the best friends a chipmunk can ask for.

There Might Be Lobsters

by Carolyn Crimi

Sukie is a bit of a fraidy cat, or fraidy dog might be more fitting. Even with Eleanor, her beloved girl, and Chunka Munka, her faithful toy monkey, by her side, Sukie cannot get up the nerve to sit on the beach or play with a beach ball. And she definitely cannot swim in the ocean either, after all, oceans have lobsters and lobsters are scary.

A heartwarming story about quiet worries, even the unreasonable ones, and finding bravery when someone is in need!

Baby Bear Sees Blue

by Ashley Wolff

Baby bear has never met the sun, or the trees, or the brown trout of the waters near his home. With Mama Bear by his side, Baby Bear explores the colours of his world for the very first time.

Beautiful illustrations and simple text show the world through Baby Bear’s eyes and highlight the wonders of nature.

Llama Llama Red Pajama

by Anna Dewdney

Mama Llama has read Baby Llama a bedtime story, given him a goodnight kiss, and tucked him in for the night. Soon, Baby Llama begins to feel uneasy. He calls for Mama to return, but she seems to take forever! Baby Llama is struck with a scary thought; what if Mama Llama is GONE!?

Llama Llama Red Pajama is a fantastically relatable story for little llamas and mamas alike (and a great opportunity to practice rhyming words too)!


by Briana Corr Scott

Wildflower is a stunning and lush take on the classic story of Thumbelina. An old woman wishes desperately for a child, a wish which is granted when a thumb-sized little girl is born from a flower. In love with the child and being a mother, the old woman is finally happy. As the child grows, the old woman realizes she must let her daughter go where the wind blows. A wildflower cannot be planted in one place.

Incredible illustrations take you on a journey of letting go and coming home again.

Family Chat Pick


Janell Cannon

Crickwing, a cockroach with an injured wing, lives in the forest, creating stunning food sculptures with the plants of the forest before gobbling them up. Other little creatures like to make fun of his crooked wing, so instead of braving name calling and stares, Crickwing waits until nighttime to find his food. The only problem: big creatures who might like to eat Crickwing come out at night!

After many close calls with a few big bullies, Crickwing turns his anger upon the smaller leaf cutter ants that live on the forest floor. Crickwing is about to learn never to step on the toes of ants, and perhaps prove himself to be a hero along the way.

Crickwing is a wonderful story that also lends the opportunity for children to discuss the nature of anger, bullying, and doing what is right.

Choix français canadien

L’escapade de Paolo

par Lucie Crovatto

Camille et Paolo sont des meilleurs amis. C’est Paolo, le petit perroquet, et sa fille qui font tout ensemble du matin jusqu'au coucher du soleil. Un jour, la porte de sa cage est laissée ouverte, donc Paolo, qui rêve chaque jour de voler dans le ciel, s'échappe pour une grande aventure!

Books Just for Babies

The Kissing Hand

by Audrey Penn

Chester Racoon does not want to start school. He would much rather stay at home, play with his friends, swing on his swing, and most of all, stay close to his mama. Chester soon learns that even if things seem scary at first, we often learn to love them. Mrs. Racoon has a special way to make sure Chester doesn't worry at school. It is called the Kissing Hand.

The Runaway Bunny

by Margaret Wise Brown

No matter where little bunny dares to go, his mother always follows. An ode to mothers and the love they have for their little bunnies.

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