#Staffpick: STEAM Books for 6-12

STEM junior science

by Jonathan O'Callaghan

This book talks about everything science related! It touches on awesome subjects like: gravity, electricity, our body's systems, plants, mammals and so many more. This is the perfect book to pick up if you want to learn more about everything science!

Ages 6-9

Secret Coders

by Gene Luen Yang

Join Hopper and Eni as they try to solve the many mysteries of their school!

Hopper and her friend use coding and computers to help solve the mysteries at their school. This is the first graphic novel in the Secret Coders series

Ages 8-12

March of the Mini Beasts

by Ada Hopper

Gabe, Laura, and Cesar are the smartest kids in their school and they usually get called "the data set".

When a new neighbor arrives, Dr. Gustav Bunsen, the data set’s quiet lives get flipped upside down. Dr. Bunsen’s newest science experiment goes astray, causing toys to begin to grow into their life size form. Dr. Bunsen needs the data set's help to return their toys back to their original size.

Ages 6-9

What do Scientists Do All Day?

by Jane Wilsher

Ever wonder what things scientists get up to in a day?

This book allows you to explore a day in the life of many types of scientists, including: environmentalists, nurses, doctors and astronomers. It also shows you where these awesome scientists work!

Ages 6-9

Fairy Science

by Ashley Spires

Esther is the only fairy she knows who doesn’t like magic!

Esther prefers to use science over magic. Join Esther on a journey as she tries to solve the mystery of a sick tree in her forest - with science!

Ages 6-8

Livre en français


par Denis Côté

Dans ce roman il y a trois histoires qui entourent le personnage principal Maxime.

La vie de Maxime semble normale, mais souvent, il se retrouve dans un monde bizarre où le temps s'étire ou s'arrête.

9 à 12 ans

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