Active Play: Nature Bingo & TNRD Kid-Friendly Trails

Getting Outdoors for Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is the ability to move the body easily, efficiently, and confidently in many ways.  It is just as important for childhood development as learning letters, numbers, and sounds!

One of the most important parts of physical literacy is not how fast you can run, how far you can jump, or how high you can climb.  It is actually how much you enjoy being active!  Kids who love to move are far more likely to grow into adults who love to move.

What better way to help a child develop their love of movement than getting outdoors to explore?

Kid-Friendly Trails

There are tons of family friendly trails and hikes in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District.  We are all very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and unique part of the world.  There’s a reason BC is called “Beautiful British Columbia”!  Click each picture to be taken to All Trails.  There you will find maps, pictures, and reviews of each trail.

McConnell Lake Trail in McConnell Lake Provincial Park (3.7 km)

South of Kamloops, on the way towards Logan Lake

The McConnell Lake is great for the whole family, even your dog! The trail follows the shape the lake, so just follow the shore and you are on your way.

Photo courtesy of Clare Watkins and All Trails

Adams River Trail in Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park (14.6km)

East of Kamloops, near Chase

This is a great hike during the Spring and Fall.  However, it is its most impressive in October during the annual salmon run!  Beware that the smell of salmon in the Fall is not the most pleasant for those with sensitive noses. 

Photo courtesy of Mary Bennett and All Trails

Dawson Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park (1.4km)

North of Kamloops and Clearwater

Wells Gray Provincial Park is know for gorgeous water features, lush foliage, and wildlife galore. Short, relatively flat, and incredibly gorgeous-the Dawson Falls kike will please the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Brian Tice and All Trails

Godey Creek Trail (1.4km)

Near Merrit in the Godey Creek Hiking Trail Recreation Site

Hiking, biking, snowshoeing... You can do it all on the Godey Creek Trails! This trail is suitable for the whole family, but there are many extensions to this trail throughout the area for many different levels.

Photo courtesy of Karthik Narayanan and All Trails

Clinton Falls (1.6km)

East of Clinton, South of Chasm Provincial Park

Three water falls and lots of wildlife make for a great adventure! This hike is rather flat, so very friendly to little legs.

Photo courtesy of Randy Masters and All Trails

Chase Creek Falls (0.6km)

Just east of Downtown Chase

This is the perfect hike for the littlest hikers. Very short, but very sweet!

Photo courtesy of Alayka Louise and All Trails

Move the Body, Work the Brain

While you are outdoors exploring, why not give the brain and eyes some exercise too! An outdoors scavenger hunt can be done anywhere, whether that be on a trail in the TNRD or in your backyard.  Check out this “Super Mega Huge” hunt from Picklebums.


Pickle, Kate. “Free Printable Super Huge Scavenger Hunt!” Picklebums, 4 June 2021,

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