#Staffpick: History Books for 6-12

Neil Armstrong and Nat Love: Space Cowboys

by Steve Sheinkin

On a warm day in 1869 a cowboy named Nat Love sees a spaceship land on a crop and out walks Neil Armstrong. He's just as confused as Nat Love is about his whereabouts and why he is there.

Ms. Maybee’s class thinks history is boring until they begin to read their text book and realize that Neil Armstrong is in the wild west and not on the moon. Follow the students in the class as they go through a time machine that allows them to help put history back in order!

Ages 7-12

Cam Jansen: The mystery of the dinosaur bones

by Cam Jansen

While on a field trip to the museum Cam notices that some bones are missing on a dinosaur. Will she be able to solve the mystery of who stole the dinosaur bones?

Ages 6-9

White Jade Tiger

by Julie Lawson

Jasmine’s dad is on a trip to China and Jasmine is not happy about that. She finds herself stuck in Victoria and finds her way to Chinatown and one minute she is in the present and the next she finds herself in the year 1880.

Ages 8-12

Two Times a Traitor

by Karen Bass

Laz and Emeline head with their family on a road trip to Halifax. Their trip starts with a reluctant trip to the Citadel with their parents. When Laz and his father get into an argument, Laz heads off on an angry walk by himself. Suddenly, he finds himself amongst pirates in the year 1745! Will Laz find a way to get back to the present?

Ages 9-12

Land of the Cranes

by Aida Salazar

When Bettita and her family flee the cartel wars in Mexico and head to Los Angeles, their family is torn apart by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement). While separated, Bettita begins to think about Aztelan and the land of cranes. She finds refuge with the small group she has met in the ICE centre. Will Betitta’s family ever be whole again?

Ages 9-12

Bonne nuit, Canada

par Anrea Beck

Avec ce livre, on va avec le personnage principal pour dire bonne nuit à toutes les provinces et territoires du Canada.

6 à 9 ans

Du sang sur nos terre

par Maxine Trottier

Ce livre est une collection de journaux d’une jeune fille qui s’appelle Joséphine Bouvier.

Les journaux sont écrits durant les années 1884-1885. Les journaux discute de la rébellion de Louis riel. 10 à 12 ans

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