#Staffpick: Summer books for 6-12’s

Treaty words : for as long as the rivers flow

by Aimée Craft

This book follows a grand daughter and her grand father.

Throughout the book he teaches her to listen to the sounds and the silence. He also teaches her about treaties.

Ages 9-12

The sun will come out

By Joanne Levy

When extremely shy Bea is left to fend for herself at summer camp since her best friend backed out she needs to discover how to come out of her shell.

Bea meets a boy named Harry who shows her how to live and face her fears, and she does in a big way.

Age 8-12

My one hundred adventures

By Polly Horvath

Join Jane the 12 year old as she embarks on a summer filled with many adventures.

The first book in this series follow Jane on her adventures where she meets new friends. On these adventures jane discovers that discovering yourself is part of the journey!

Ages 10-12


by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Follow the lead character, Maximiliano Córdoba, on his adventure.

Max is seeking answers from his dad about a family secret but he won't talk so, Max sets out to uncover answers. All he has is a treasured compass, a mysterious stone rubbing, and a legend his Buelo told him.

Ages 8-12

Livres en Français

J'ai le cœur rempli de bonheur

Par Monique Gray Smith traduit de l'anglais par Rachel Martinez

Ce livre discute des choses qui rempli votre Coeur avec du bonheur, comme chanter ou quand il joue le tambour.

6-9 ans

Tu es là pour moi

Par Monique Gray Smith et Danielle Daniel ; traduit de l'anglais par Rachel Martinez

Dans ce livre nous discutons de comment nos amis, parents, grands-parents, et nos frères et sœurs sont là pour nous.

6-12 ans

Méchant Minou contre oncle Maurice

par Nick Bruel ; texte français d'Hélène Pilotto

Quand les maîtres de Minou sont allés en vacances, l' oncle Maurice prend soin de Minou.

Oncle Maurice ne sait pas grand chose à propos des chats alors, c'est une semaine de trouble pour lui et Minou.

8-12 ans

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