Active Play

#Active Play: Autumn Leaf Fun

Fall is almost upon us! As the air turns colder and the leaves drop, here are some fun activities to get little bodies moving.

Active Play: Nature Bingo & TNRD Kid-Friendly Trails

One of the most important ways to ensure physical literacy is to make sure you enjoy being active. What better way to help a child develop their love of movement than getting outdoors to explore!

Active Play: Dinosaur Salt Fossils

Make your own fossils at home with this easy activity. Children will develop their fine motor movements, without ever realizing!

Active Play: Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a great way to get kids moving! Check out the benefits of yoga with this animal themed activity.

Active Play: Anytime Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a fun way to get kids moving, exploring, and experimenting with the limits of their own bodies. So many skills can be wrapped into one activity and one obstacle course can be adapted for a myriad of ages and abilities.

Literacy at Home: Free Play Resources

We all know that play is a valuable part of childhood. But did you know that play is actually a critical part of a child’s learning, development, and well-being? It’s true!

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