Preschool Craft Corner: Back to School Fashion Creation

Painted Pasta Necklaces

 Tis’ the season of back to school (or back to daycare) for many children.  Get in the school zone with these cute and creative necklaces!

Materials Required

  • pasta
  • paint (acrylic or non-washable)
  • string and scissors
  • tape
  • paint brushes
  • a surface to paint on (wax or parchment paper optional)
  • a palette or plate for paint
  • water and clean up supplies

Step 1

Prepare your work area by pouring your paint and getting your pasta out.  You can make a necklace with very few pieces of pasta, or with very many.

Step 2

Paint each piece of pasta.  They can be any colour you would like.  As you finish each piece, put them in a safe place to dry.  I laid mine on some plastic, but you could use wax paper, newspaper, or a tray/plate.

Step 3

Wait for your pasta to dry.  As you wait, prepare your string.  It can be very long or very short.  You could even make a bracelet instead.

Step 4

String your pasta onto the string.  To finish your necklace, tie the ends in a knot.  You can add a piece of duct tape over top of the knot if you would like.

Congratulations!  You are fashionable and creative!

Colour for Autumn

Goodbye summer, hello fall!  Give a big farewell to the summer season with this fall themed worksheet!

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