#Staffpick: Paranormal Reads for 6-12’s

Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere

by Elise Gravel

Meet Olga, the coolest girl scientist in her town! Olga is curious, independent, and smart. One day she comes across a new species. Follow Olga on her journey to discover all she can about this new species - which she names Olgamus ridiculus!

Ages 9-12

The Girl and the Ghost

by Hanna Alkaf

When a ghost’s old master passes away, he must find a new host to be with in order to survive. Suraya, his new host, is in the midst of navigating growing up and going to a new school. When she begins to get bullied at school and her ghost tries to help. But is he actually protecting her, or is he making it worse?

Ages 10-12

The Monster Sisters vol. 1: The Mystery of the Unlocked Cave

by Gareth Gaudin

Two sisters in Victoria, BC find their town suddenly over run by monsters! The sisters are the only two in the town who seem to be up to the challenge of restoring order and solving the mystery. In this fun graphic novel the heroines also come to grips with the history of colonialism in BC.

Ages 9-12


by Ash Van Otterloo

Magic is forbidden but that doesn't stop Delpha and Katybird from trying to use it. But what happens when their use of magic unleashes a graveyard full of zombies? Are the two really ready to fight a group of zombies?

Ages 8-12

The Familiars

by Adam Jay Epstein

When Jack a young wizard picks Aldwyn, a stray cat, to be his magical companion Aldwyn plays along. But when Jack is kidnapped, Aldwyn must set out on a hunt to find him alongside a blue jay and a frog who doubt Aldwyn has any magical powers. This is the first book in a four book series.

Ages 8-10

Livre en Français

Les dragouilles les origines

par Maxim Cyr et Karine Gottot

Découvre qui sont les dragouilles et ce qu’ils font chaque journée!

Il y a des dragouilles tout autour du monde. Le livre discute d'où viennent certaines dragouilles et ce qu'ils font dans leur coin du monde.

6-10 ans

Pierre & Paul : Dragon!

par Caroline Adderson

Join Paul and Pierre in this bilingual book. Paul speaks English and Pierre speaks French, but they don't allow this to stop them from going on lots of adventures together!

Ages 6-9

Les végé-zombies

par Rémy Simard

Quand Leon se lève le matin, il découvre que le jardin de ses parents est détruit.

Quand Leon arrive à l'école, il découvre que son jardin n’est pas le seul à être détruit dans la nuit. A l'école les zombies arrivent, Leon a peur mais rapidement il découvre que les zombies ne veulent pas le manger lui, ils veulent les légumes!

7-11 ans

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