SRC Week 7: Monsters and the Paranormal

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 7 of Summer Reading Club! This week we are excited to explore the world of Monsters and the Paranormal! 

This week we’ve got some more fun content for everyone to participate in! 

  • Firstly, we have some background information on some of the world’s most famous and well-known monsters/creatures! We’d like to know what your favorite monster is, and why! Let us know at!
  • Next, we have a ghost-themed mad libs for everyone to try! Fill in the blanks and share your stories with us! 

World Famous Monsters

1.  Dragons

Dragons are known to potentially be the oldest monster known to global folklore! Variations of these creatures exist across cultures and religions. Some examples include Chinese culture, in which tea was made from believed dragon bones, and Christian religion, which talks about George, a martyr who slayed a dragon.



2. Vampires

Since Bram Stoker introduced the world to Dracula in 1897, interest in the world of vampires has consistently increased. Perhaps distinguishing them from other monsters, vampires are most often presented as both sensual and scary creatures, and have often been credited with inspiring a now thriving goth subculture. Despite strong evidence that vampires do not exist, many continue to believe they are out there, or even that they are one themselves, consuming blood for sustenance from willing donors- spooky!


3. Werewolves 

A terrifying blend of man and beast, many believe that werewolves first came into the public eye when rumors surfaced of one terrorizing the French countryside in 1764, killing dozens of villagers. The werewolf is another monster to showcase a form of lycanthropy, which is the ancient belief that some people have the ability to change into animals at will or under certain conditions (ie. vampires to bats, witches to cats, etc).

Image from Maverick-Werewolf Tumblr,, accessed June 12th, 2021
Image from Colonel Robert Wilson, Getty Images/BBC News,, accessed June 14th, 2021.

4. Loch Ness

Often considered to be the world’s most famous lake monster, Scotland’s Loch Ness (or Nessie, as some call her) is not the only one. The earliest witnessed report of Nessie dates back to May of 1933, and since that time she has remained a popular tourist attraction. Though no searches have turned up any evidence of her existence, Nessie continues to captivate the public.


5. Sirens 

Distant cousins to mermaids, Sirens were beautiful, alluring, and tempting women found near rocky cliffs and sea shores and sang to sailors passing by. According to various legends, sailors would become entranced by their songs and follow the captivating melodies to their deaths as their boats crashed upon the shores.

Image from Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Go Next,, accessed June 18th, 2021.

Though this is a very brief introduction to some of the world’s most conventionally famous monsters, many more exist! Some more examples include the Chupacabra, Champ (America’s Loch Ness monster), the giant squid, dragons, and the Ogopogo (Canada’s Loch Ness monster), which can all be explored at favorite-monsters.html!

Tell us about your favorite monster or creature, and why they’re your favorite! Send in your responses to

Ghost Story Mad Libs

Fill in the blanks below with the words and parts of speech noted beside each blank, and then transfer them into the text below to create your madlib!

________________________________ (01) room or building (eg. barn, attic)

________________________________ (02) adjective

________________________________ (03) adjective

________________________________ (04) something that gives off an odor

________________________________ (05) adjective

________________________________ (06) adjective

________________________________ (07) thing (singular noun)

________________________________ (08) thing (singular noun)

________________________________ (09) adjective

________________________________ (10) present tense verb

________________________________ (11) past tense verb

________________________________ (12) number

________________________________(13) body part

________________________________ (14) past tense (-ed) verb

________________________________ (15) adverb

________________________________ (16) present tense verb

________________________________ (17) adjective

________________________________ (18) thing (singular noun)

________________________________ (19) thing (singular noun)

________________________________ (20) present tense verb

________________________________ (21) -ing verb

________________________________ (22) present tense verb

________________________________ (23) past tense verb

________________________________ (24) past tense verb

________________________________ (25) present tense verb

________________________________ (26) name of someone you know

________________________________ (27) -ing verb

________________________________ (28) past tense verb

________________________________ (29) past tense verb

________________________________ (30) past tense verb

________________________________ (31) past tense verb

________________________________ (32) body part

________________________________ (33) -ing verb

________________________________ (34) adjective

________________________________ (35) -ing verb

________________________________ (36) adverb

________________________________ (37) name of someone you know

________________________________ (38) -ing verb

________________________________ (39) things (plural noun)

________________________________ (40) thing (singular noun)

We weren’t allowed to go in the __________________(01) and we really didn’t want to—it was __________________(02) and __________________(03) and smelled like (a) __________________(04). The steps leading down into the ______________(01) were ______________(05) and there was a __________________(06) __________________(07) next to the __________________(08). It felt __________________(09) and we wanted to __________________(10). We _______________(11) toward the _______________(01), _______________(12) steps at a time till our __________________s(13) __________________(14) __________________(15) and we were too scared to __________________(16). There was always a __________________(17) __________________(18) coming up from below the __________________(19) and we weren’t brave enough to __________________(20) it. One day there was a __________________(21) sound. It was coming from the __________________(01). We wanted to know what was making the sound, but we were afraid we might ________________(22). We _________________(23) and ________________(24), but each time the fear would ________________(25) over us, and we would back away, terrified. Finally, __________________(26) decided to face the fear and go down to the __________________(01). When we didn’t hear __________________(27) we became encouraged and followed behind, praying we would not be __________________(28) by whatever it was that __________________(29) and __________________(30) down there. When we made it to the very bottom, we __________________(31), __________________s(32) wrapped tightly around each other, barely __________________(33). Then, we saw it. It was ________________(34) and it was _______________(35) __________________(36). We moved closer, we couldn’t breathe . . . It was ________________(37) ________________(38) the _________________(39) in the __________________(40).

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