#Staffpick: Super Sleuth Books for 6-12

The Haunted Library :The Secret Room

By Dori Hillestad Butler

Claire and her ghost friend Kaz discover a secret room in the library!

While in this new secret room they discover a bunch of items that appear to be ghostly. Claire and Kaz start to question what and who the objects belonged to before they got into the room.

This is the fifth book in this series.

Ages 6-8

Beyond Never Land

by Kiki Thorpe

Thanks to the toy boat belonging to her friends Mia and Gabby, Tinker Bell comes to notice the world beyond Never Land. However, one day both Tinker Bell and the boat are both nowhere to be found!

Mia and Gabby begin to worry about Tinker Bell and their toy boat, which their father’s abuelo made. Will they ever find Tinker Bell and their toy boat?

Ages 6-9

The Phantom Bandit

by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo is busy working on the newspaper at the Rodent Gazette, when he starts to notice unusual things happening. Geronimo thinks maybe his busy job is causing him to see and hear things, and decides he needs a break.

However, when he goes to visit a friend he notices that the unusual things seemed to have followed him from the Rodent Gazette!

Ages 7-10

The Buddy Files: The Case Of The Lost Boy

by Dori Hillestad Butler

Take an adventure with King as he tries to solve the case of the lost boy!

After King is put in the dog pound, he gets adopted by Connor, the new kid in town, and his mom. When Connor all of a sudden goes missing, King makes it his mission to find his owner.

Ages 6-10

The Lost Girl

by Anne Ursu

Identical twins Lark and Iris couldn’t be more different. But when they are placed in different fifth grade classes the world seems like it is going to end!

As fifth grade starts, the two sisters begin to notice weird things going on around the city. Iris decides that she needs to keep Lark safe from the unusual things happening in their town. But will she be able to keep both her sister and herself safe?

Ages 9-12

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