Summer Craftivity: Story Stones

Materials needed

-Rocks/stones of varying shapes and sizes.
-Paint (or whichever medium you choose to decorate your rocks)
-Paint brush (or whichever tool you will need to apply the chosen medium)


Let’s begin making our story stones!

Step 1: The first step is to go on a quick adventure and find some rocks or stones to use. 

Nicola, our summer program assistant, wandered her backyard to find her stones! Then once you get home, wash and dry your stones.

Step 2:  Think about what designs you would like on your story stones. 

Nicola chose a variety of objects ranging from a basketball to a flower. You can use stickers, markers, paint, or even fabric to put your design on the stones.

Step 3: Once you have thought of your ideas for the stones it is now time to bring your ideas to life!

Nicola is using paint and markers to create her stones. Once you paint the designs on your stones allow them time to dry before playing with your new fabulous creations!

Optional step: Once the paint is dry you can add finer details with a marker. You can see an example on Nicola’s basketball! First she painted the base orange and then added the fine lines with a marker after the paint dried.

The Final Product

Now that the story stones are dry the fun begins. Enjoy creating and telling stories with the awesome stones you have made!

Need more craft or activity ideas?

We’ve shared our favourite craftivities on our blog! 

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