#Literacytip: Library Cards for Kids

The TNRL has tons of free materials and programming for children of all ages.  With a library card, your child and your entire family can access books, DVD’s, online video and learning platforms, ebooks, and programming like Tiny Tunes and Storytime & Craft, amongst other things.

Besides access to great materials, owning a library card has many other benefits for children.


Library cards give children confidence!  It is very exciting for many children to have an official card with their own signature on it.  A library card is also an opportunity for children to participate in their community, and take pride in their engagement.


Owning a library card helps kids learn to take care of their possessions and the things they borrow.  Children learn to keep their library card safe and free of damage in order to use it.  They also learn take care of the books they borrow and return them in a timely manner.

Freedom to Read

The power of a library card gives children the power to access and choose information and stories that interest them.  According to the Knox County Tennessee Library, “when kids choose their own materials, they tend to enjoy reading more and develop into life long readers”.  

Interested in registering your child for a free library card?  Check out our online registration page or stop by to sign up!


“Top 7 Reasons Your Child Needs a Library Card.” Knox County Public Library, www.knoxlib.org/kid-zone/top-7-reasons-your-child-needs-library-card.

#Literacytip: Library Cards for Kids

Did you know that children of any age can have their very own library card with the TNRL.  What better way to encourage young children to take charge of their reading than to give them the tools?

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