Summer Craftivity: Coffee Filter Butterfly

Materials needed:

-two coffee filters
-washable markers
-small spoon or eye dropper
-pipe cleaner


Step 1: Take the two coffee filters and flatten them out.

Step 2: Use your markers to draw a pattern of your choosing on the coffee filters. Ensure to add lots of colouring layers for the best result.

Step 3: Take the small eye dropper or small spoon and slowly add water on top of the coffee filters. Once the spots where the marker is are completely wet allow it to dry.

Drying tip: If it is sunny or hot where you are, place the two coffee filters outside for a faster drying time!

Step 4: Take each coffee filter and begin to fold them accordion style until they look like one strip of paper.

Step 5: Once they are completely folded up, stack the two pieces on top of each other and pinch the middle.

Step 6: Place a pipe cleaner over the middle part and curl the top of the pipe cleaner to look like an antenna.

Final product: Now gently unfold the edges of the stacked coffee filters to reveal a beautiful butterfly shape.

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