#Staffpick: Stories of Notable People for 6-12

When Stars Are Scattered

by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

Take a journey with Omar and Hassan, who live in a refugee camp.

Omar is left with a difficult decision when he gets the opportunity to go to school but has to choose between school and aiding his younger brother Hassan. This lovely graphic novel shows us the bond between brothers, humour and heartbreak.

Ages 8-12

The Breadwinner

By Deborah Ellis

The Taliban rules over Kabul, which restrict the rights and freedom of women. A young Parvana goes to great lengths to ensure her family's survival.

This book demonstrates bravery, heartbreak, and selflessness as we follow Parvana’s story.

Ages 10-12

One Crazy Summer

by Rita Williams-Garcia

Follow the journey of three sisters, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern as they travel from Brooklyn to Oakland to visit their mother for the summer.

During this summer they go to a summer camp and discover lots about their family, themselves and the state of their country.

Ages 7-12

The Kids Book Of Great Canadian Women

by Elizabeth MacLeod

The 130 biographies in this book about amazing women spans from Chantal Petitclerc to Sarah Mclachlan. There are women who are well known and women who are lesser known. Enjoy learning about some great women from Canada! You're bound to find one who is a new source of inspiration.

Ages 6-12

Martin Luther King Jr.

by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara

This well illustrated book details provides a child friendly introduction to Martin Luther King Jr., his history, and impact on the world.

Ages 6-9

The Strongest Man in the World

by Nicolas Debon

Louis Cyr was a Canadian who truly earned his spot as the strongest man in the world! This wonderfully illustrated graphic novel retells the story of Louis Cyr and his journey to becoming The strongest man in the world!

Ages 9-12

Maud and Grand-Maud

by Sara O’leary

Go on a weekend trip to visit Grand-Maud with Maud! From matching pajamas, ice cream to homemade sweaters. Maud and Grand-Maud always have fun when they are together. Follow this book as Maud speaks of her appreciation for Grand-Maud through their weekends together.

Ages 6-8

Livre en francais

Mingan mon village

par d'écoliers innus

Les poèmes d'écoliers innus discute des themes de pechers, les grand parents, l'espoir, l'ecole et la nature.

6 à 12 ans

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