Summer Craftivity: Toilet Roll Animals



  • Toilet Roll
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured paper
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Pipe cleaner


There’s no limit to the animals you can create with some paper, paint, and a toilet paper roll. We’ve included instructions for two, but don’t feel restricted to following our choices. We’d love to see where your imagination takes you! 

If you feel like sharing your creations, email us a picture at

Make a Monkey

Step 1

Make sure the toilet roll is empty and clean. Begin by painting the toilet roll a deep brown.

Step 2

While the roll is drying, cut out two ears and two arms from a piece of brown paper. If you don't have brown paper, you can paint two ears and arms onto a piece of paper using the same deep brown paint.

Step 3

Once the deep brown paint has dried, use yellow paint to create a face.

While the yellow paint is drying, cut out small circles for the inner ears and palms from yellow paper. If you don't have yellow paper, you can also paint small circles for the ears and palms on a separate piece of paper.

Step 4

If you haven't already, cut out the ears and the arms and the inner ears and palms. Glue the inner ears to the ears and the palms to the arms. Then glue them to the toilet roll in their appropriate spots

The last step is to use a pipe cleaner to create a tail. You can poke a pencil or pen through the back of the toilet roll to create a hole, then slide the tail in and attach it by bending the end inside the toilet roll. You can reinforce it with some glue or tape to keep it fixed in place.

Final product

If you have googly eyes you can add them on, if not, draw on a face and enjoy your new monkey creation!

Make a Lion

Step 1

Make sure the toilet roll is empty and clean. Cut a small semi circle on both sides of the bottom of the toilet roll to give your lion some feet.

Step 2

Paint the toilet roll a light brown or mustard yellow and allow it to dry.

Step 3

While the toilet roll dries, draw a mane onto a piece of construction paper or cardboard. Then cut out the lion's mane.

Step 4

Paint the mane a dark brown and allow it to dry.

Final product

Once the toilet roll and the mane are dry glue the mane onto the toilet roll in its proper spot.

If you have googly eyes, glue them to the appropriate spot. If you don’t have googly eyes use a marker to draw some eyes and a mouth on.

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