#Staffpick: Travel and Exploration Books for 6-12

Hilda and the Stone Forest

by Luke Pearson

Join Hilda as she embarks on another thrilling adventure!

As Hilda’s mother finds out about her journey and tags along, join the pair as they embark on a journey through the land of trolls and try to make their way back home.

Ages 8-12

Hidden Wonders: a guide to the planet's wildest, weirdest places

by Lonely Planet Kids

Take a journey with this book and discover the hidden wonders of our world!

This book takes us to the most wild and wacky places around the world. This book allows you to visit the corners of the world from the comfort of our homes!

Ages 6-12

Story Boat

by Kyo Maclear

Let this story take you on a journey of where “here” really is.

Kyo Maclear describes the journey that Syrian refugees must endure to make it to a safe place. This wonderful book demonstrates how to find hope and create a new home with dreams and stories.

Ages 6-12

The Ninja Librarians: Sword in the Stacks

by Jen Swann Downey

Go on an adventure with Dorrie to England in 1912

This is the second installment in The Ninja Librarians series The libraries that the Ninja librarians enter allow them to travel into the past. This time Dorrie, who is a ninja in training finds herself travelling to England.

Ages 8-12

Amelia Bedelia: Road Trip

by Herman Parish

Join Amelia Bedelia and her family on a vacation to Rome...

Amelia's dad meant they were going to roam around, not go to Rome! Even with the misunderstanding Amelia and her parents have an amazing time exploring hidden treasures around them!

Ages 6-10

Catstronauts: Digital Disaster

by Drew Brockington

Join the catstronauts as they go into space and test out the first ever space hotel!

The new space hotel sounds to good to be true. The catsronauts can't help but feel like something fishy is going on. When a wrench gets thrown into their stay, will the catstronauts make it back to earth safely?

Ages 8-12

Livre en francais

Le fantome du parc

Par Felicity Everett

Avez- vous déjà rencontré un fantôme qui n’arrive pas à faire peur aux clients?

Jalot est hâte d’aller au parc! Quand il rencontre le fantôme il n’est pas peur mais plutôt heureux de voir le fantôme. Est-ce que Jalot va aider son nouvel ami à être plus effrayant?

9 à 12 ans

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