#Teenpick – Well, that was awkward

A #teenpick from Justice!

Gracie has lived her whole life trying to be happy. That is just the kind of person that her parents and her friends expect her to be. So when she develops feelings for one of her best friends, AJ, but then finds out that he doesn’t like her and instead likes her best friend Sienna, she is happy for her. So happy in fact, that she decides to help Sienna to compose great text messages to him. Because she is fine with being the sidekick. At least, she’s trying to be fine.

I’m going to be honest, when I first found this book I thought that I knew everything inside of it just from the description. But I quickly came to learn that this book has lots more to it. It is full of layers and little bits of gold that I never thought I would find. This book is hilarious and sweet and shows us that sometimes the best way to be okay is to allow yourself to not be okay. A masterpiece from the first chapter and on, this book perfectly captures all the drama and awkwardness that is middle school life.

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