See the Heat – Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with a FLIR thermal imaging camera and the FortisBC draft-proofing kit.


  1. FLIR camera may be borrowed by any Thompson-Nicola Regional Library (TNRL) patron in good standing.
  2. At home, follow the instructions in the guide provided to attach your smart phone to the camera. A separate app is required.
  3. Take some time to walk around your home to locate the highest energy loss areas – dramatic colours indicate greater thermal differences. Take a “before” picture.
  4. Use FortisBC draft-proofing kit. Use the camera to take some “after” pictures to see the improvement.
  5. Return the FLIR camera to your TNRL branch so the next patron may enjoy it. The FortisBC draft-proofing kit is yours to keep!
  6. Visit See The Heat Program Survey to complete a quick survey for the chance to win a prize.


With each camera checked out, library patrons will receive a FortisBC draft-proofing kit containing:

  • Plastic window insulation.
  • Electrical switch and outlet insulator.
  • Door and window weatherstripping.

To view tutorial videos on how to use these items, visit The Heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to high demand, FLIR cameras are loaned for a maximum of seven days.

Late fees are accrued at $1.00 per day. The replacement cost for lost or damaged cameras is $303 for the FLIR iOs and $384 for the FLIR Android.

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