Physical Literacy Kits

Our Physical Literacy Kits were designed in partnership with PLaY Kamloops to teach children to naturally move their bodies through play. The activities in the kit help them develop important “basic movement” skills.  By encouraging children to be physically literate,  they learn to love to move.  This will help them stay active their entire lives!

The kits are primarily intended for children ages birth to six, but there are many activities in the kit that can be enjoyed by children up to age 10.

Each kit includes: 

  • A move & play card deck.
  • 6 spot dots.
  • 6 bean bags.
  • 6 scarves.
  • 6 foam balls.
  • 2 jump ropes.
  • 3 tennis balls.
  • 5 books (hardcover, paperback, board book.

Learn more about Physical Literacy from our partner PLaY Kamloops

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