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Kamloops Library has one meeting room available for public, non-profit bookings.

Printing and photocopying is available for the following:

  • 20 cents per page black and white
  • 50 cents per page colour

In partnership with the Kamloops Arts Council we are delighted to showcase the talented works of local arts.

This program provides local businesses and organizations with fresh artwork on a rotating basis. Paintings, photography and other works by local artists are displayed where Kamloops citizens and tourists congregate. Other locations include the Royal Inland Hospital Clinical Services Building, Terra restaurant, and the Kamloops Airport.

Art in Public Spaces makes the Kamloops community more vibrant, showcases our local talent, enhances cultural tourism, activates public spaces, creates economic development and even promotes health and healing. The Thompson-Nicola Regional Library is pleased to be a partner in this program. We believe that libraries are a true community space and should represent and showcase the people they serve.

All artwork is for sale, unless otherwise stated, and goes towards supporting our local artists as well as the arts council in providing great programs to enhance our community. For details about each piece, or to purchase, check out the Arts Council online shop or contact the Arts Council at 250-372-7323.

Submit your artwork:

If you are interested in showcasing your work at the library please fill out the application on the Arts Council website.

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There has been a form of a library in Kamloops since 1885. In 1929 a library association was formed and a new library was opened in the then federal building. 

In 1950 the library was turned into a municipal library and received a new building in 1956.

In 1977 it was deemed that the Kamloops Library had outgrown its location as there wasn’t adequate room to shelf new books. Therefore, in June 1978 the Kamloops Library moved into a new 13,000 square foot building in Kamloops Square.

Unfortunately this new home didn’t last long as just seven months later on January 9, 1979 the Kamloops library burned down and the library was eventually moved to a new home on St. Paul Street.

In 1998 the Kamloops Library moved once again into the current TNRD Civic building. The Library underwent a modernization renovation in 2018.

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