Secwepemctsín Resources

The Thompson-Nicola Regional Library has compiled this guide to assist those interested in learning Secwepemctsin, the language of the Secwépemc. The resources listed here are  not intended to be exhaustive. Library staff are happy to assist you with any questions.

“Secwepemctsin contains the cultural, ecological, and historical knowledge which includes: values, beliefs, rituals, songs, stories, social and political structures and spirituality of the people. The Secwepemc view all aspects of their knowledge, including language, as vitally linked to the land. This knowledge, passed down to the next generations orally, contained the teachings necessary for maintenance of Secwepemc culture and identity… Secwepemctsin (language of the Secwepemc) is one of the Interior Salish languages of the large Salishan language family. Secwepemctsin sound system consists of 43 consonants and 5 vowels.” –


In June 2019, the Kamloops Library was honoured to host Ted Gottfriedson, Language and Culture Department Manager for the Tk’emplups te Secwépemc. Ted is a member of the Tk’emlups te Secwépemc and has been an avid learner of his language for about 25 years. He recently earned a Master of Arts in Linguistics from Simon Fraser University.

We are grateful for the knowledge that has been shared with us through this partnership and are excited to continue to assist those interested in learning more.

Material for Children & Youth

Audio Visual Secwepemctsín For Children & Youth

Material for Adults

Audio Visual Secwepemctsín For Adults

Other Secwépemc Resources

Online Resources

Bibliography of Materials on the Secwépemc Language

A list of published works on the Secwépemc language.

Chief Atahm School

The Chief Atahm School is an immersion school helping young children re-discover Secwépemc identity through the learning of Secwépemc language, culture, and history.

Endangered Languages Project

This database offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive information and resources on endangered languages, including Secwepemctsín.

First Voices

A space for the sharing and promotion of indigenous language, oral culture and linguistic history.

Secwépemc Keyboard

Features grammar, pronunciation, and a virtual keyboard of Secwepemctsín.

Secwépemc Language App – Android

A mobile dictionary for Android devices of Secwépemc language and phrases.

Secwépemc Language App – iOS

A mobile dictionary for Apple devices of Secwépemc language and phrases.

Simpcw First Nation

Information and resources on the western dialect of Secwepemctsín, including the Secwepemc alphabet and pronunciations.

Spi7uy Squqluts Language & Culture Society

Youtube Channel for learning Secwepemctsín language and cultural practices.

Thompson Rivers University Library

Offers resources to help learn and understand the Secwépemc language.

Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc

Official website of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Band. Includes resources and information about Secwepemc language, culture, community, and governance.

TRUSpace - Digitized Secwépemc Resources

A collection of resources on the history, culture, and language of the Secwépemc people.

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