Literacy Tip: Playing with the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is a huge milestone for early readers and writers.  However, singing the classic song and copying letters by hand doesn’t always cut it- especially if your child has yet to learn to hold a pencil!

This activity helps children visualize, feel, and mimic letters, while also working on fine motor movements.  Plus, who doesn’t love playdoh?

Try This!

Materials Required

  • clay or playdoh (try this homemade playdoh from Divas Can Cook
  • plastic/paper plates, or wax paper (something than can be written on, disposed of, and won’t get oily from the playdoh)
  • a marker

Step 1

Draw out letters, numbers, or even shapes on your plates or parchment paper.

Children can also do this activity without an outline.

Step 2

Ask your child to make the letter by laying their playdoh over the lines you have drawn.

Alternatively, show them a letter or ask them to create a letter from memory.

Step 3

Older children who are confident with their alphabet can try spelling basic, short words.  for example

  • cat
  • bus
  • lap
  • nut
  • their own name

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