#Literacytip: Building a Book Lover

Learning to Love Reading

A love of reading does not come naturally to all children.  Some find it too hard while others find it boring. 

For those who require more coaxing and convincing- and even for those who love reading regardless- there are ways to support children in developing a love for reading to last a lifetime!

Variety Can Be Key

Variety can keep reading fresh and exciting, especially for older children.  Read silly books, joyful books, educational books, and inspirational books.  Read anything and everything that your child finds interesting.

Follow Their Lead

Variety works best for some kids.  However, it is common for children to gravitate towards the same subject or even the same book over and over again.  That is okay!  If they want to read, then let them read what they are interested in!

Even better, let your child participate in picking out, signing out, or buying books that they are meant to read.  Autonomy of choice can be the key ingredient for getting children to do things they may not completely enjoy (including eating their greens and brushing their teeth).

Routine and Relationship

Reading together builds relationships.  When you read with your child, they learn that books, love, and attention come as a package.  This association of positive feelings towards reading helps support children in associating the activity with feelings of safety, comfort, and enjoyment throughout life.

Have a devoted time for reading.  Whether you read a book every night before bed, during lunchtime, or after play time, a routine makes reading a normal part of the day.  If you are able, keep a special spot just for reading.

Be a Role Model

When you show that you love and appreciate reading, your child will notice!  Keep a positive attitude when talking about books and reading and let your child see your enjoyment.

Funny Book Favourites

Looking for a book to pique your child’s interest?  lots of children love to read humorous stories.  Try these books on for size!


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#Literacytip: Library Cards for Kids

Did you know that children of any age can have their very own library card with the TNRL.  What better way to encourage young children to take charge of their reading than to give them the tools?

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