Detective Academy

Detective Academy: Challenge 7

Detectives need to protect their research with a code. Sometimes they also need to decipher a code! This week we are going to learn how to decipher codes to be ready for any future missions.

Detective Academy: Challenge 8

This week is our last detective academy! You have all done so amazing and are almost ready to become detectives. Our last challenge will sharpen our observation skills.

Detective Academy: Challenge 6

This week we are going to be learning how to tell the time – without a watch or clock! Detectives never know when this skill might come in handy.

Detective Academy: Challenge 5

There are times when a detective needs to be undetectable. This week we are going to be sharpening our incognito skills.

Detective Academy: Challenge 4

Invisible ink is used by spies to keep their messages safe from unwanted readers. Much like spies, detectives have to keep their writing protected!

Detective Academy: Challenge 3

Every detective needs to have great observational skills so, this week we are going to sharpen our observational skills!​

Detective Academy: Challenge 2

Detectives often find themselves looking for DNA in their job. To make sure we are well rounded detectives this week we are going to get familiar with DNA.

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