Detective Academy: Challenge 7

The Challenge:

Create a decoder wheel and use it to solve some tricky coded messages!



  • coder wheel
  • scissors
  • coder wheel
  • coded messages (PDF)
  • fastener ​


Step 1

Cut the three circles from the decoder print out, then lay them on top of each other from smallest to biggest.

Step 2

Once they are stacked on top of each other use the fastener and poke a hole through the middle of the wheels.

Step 3

Turn your wheels over and push the two sides of the fastener in place. Once this step is complete your decoder wheel is ready to be used!

Practice Round

The secret code is: P O Z

The key is A1

Step 1

Align the window in your decoder wheel with the number in your key. Now align the small number wheel with the letter in your key on the biggest wheel. The highlighted purple section should align to give you your key!

Step 2

Now that the key is set up, it is time to start decoding! Using the dark inner wheel, find the coded letters. In our example the first letter is "P". Once you have found the dark "P" look at what letter is directly above it in the large outer ring. That letter will be the decoded letter. In this example it is an "S".

Continue to solve the practice code. The answer should be S R C !


Here is the Decoder wheel and the coded messages


  1. ʇᴉ pᴉp no⅄
  2. ɔɹs uo suoᴉʇɐlnʇɐɹƃuoƆ
  3. ʎɯǝpɐɔɐ ǝʌᴉʇɔǝʇǝp pǝʇǝldɯoƆ
  4. lɐɯɹouɐɹɐd puɐ sɹǝʇsuoW

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