Active Play: Yoga for Kids

Yoga is great for everybody, even children!  Children and adults alike can benefit from yoga’s impact on physical and cognitive skills.  In a world that never stops, slowing down can do everyone some good.  Practicing yoga can help children learn to:

  • prioritize self care
  • relax and find calm
  • focus on the task at hand
  • cooperate and act compassionately
  • be confident when trying new things

Yoga is a popular element of children’s athletics and physical education programs.  It can have a big impact on the development of many motor skills.  Many yoga poses require physical literacy skills like:

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • endurance
  • coordination
  • proprioception
  • body awareness

Yoga also happens to be good for practicing imagination!  Many children’s yoga poses are named after animals or things in nature.  What better way to get children moving than with a game of pretend?

Animal Yoga for Kids

Check out this free animal themed yoga activity from Postcard Pal!  You can download it below.

Yoga at the Library

The TNRL has lots of books about yoga for children.  Check out some of the examples below.


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