Active Play: Let’s Have a Dance Party!

As well as being fun, dancing is also beneficial for children’s brain and body development! 

Dancing helps children with:

  • the development of coordination
  • body awareness
  • word, sound, and instruction recognition and response (step left! clap!)
  • the expression of emotions
  • having better overall heart health
  • increasing power, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • increasing confidence
  • learning that physical exercise is fun
  • creative freedom and motivation
  • experiencing joy

You don’t even need to attend dance classes to reap these benefits. Throw on some tunes at home and try some of these activities!

Move Like Animals

Incorporate some learning and pretend play into your dance! Moving like an animal is a great exercise for a young child.  Hit play, listen to the instructions, and get dancing!

Burn Some Energy

Need to tire your child out? This song is great for children who are feeling hyper.  “If You Have the Energy” also encourages children to use their listening ears and try to follow along with the instructions!

Freeze Dance

You don’t need a special song to play this classic game, but here’s a great track that will allow you to dance and freeze along with your child. Remember – when the music stops, you have to freeze!


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