#staffpick: Dead and Breakfast by Kate Kingsbury

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Dead and Breakfast by Kate Kingsbury
288 pages
Mystery/Crime/Ghost Fiction
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After having purchased a reportedly haunted house in the seaside community of Sully’s Landing, Melanie West and her grandmother Elizabeth Harris dream of its transformation into a charming bed-and-breakfast. However, when their renovations turn up an unexpected guest, their grand opening seems farther away than they would like. 

With limited police resources available to crack this case, Melanie and Elizabeth embark on a recon mission to learn more about the family that owned the house before them, and the circumstances surrounding the sale of the house. Will their savvy detective skills lead them to the answers they’re after, or will they have bitten off more than they can chew?

Noah’s Thoughts

If the Hallmark channel produced books instead of movies, this novel would be its posterchild, and I loved every page of it! Although this book is certainly a bit of a cheesy read, from my perspective it was everything I had hoped it would be. Though some of the dialogue and storyline does sometimes border on predictable, the mystery itself is very intriguing and engaging and kept me wanting to know more the whole time! Moreover, the additional personal mystery that Melanie and Liza undertake to investigate her mother’s disappearance provided an excellent additional source of suspense and wonder.

One of the things that I ended up loving the most about this book was the playful and casual relationship and camaraderie that characterizes Melanie’s connection with her grandmother.  Though she is certainly aging, she is still full of youth and proves to actually be the one rooting for the pair to pursue their own investigation in light of the slow police task force. This was such a unique relationship to observe and one that I had not typically seen in other books that I’ve read, and it really added to this story!

As the team moves through their investigation and collect new pieces of evidence, my attention was consistently held. With all of the plot’s moving pieces, readers have their own opportunity to make deductions as the story moves forward! This book is a great read to curl up and indulge in, and will surely not disappoint!

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