Upcycled Crafts: CD Coasters

Welcome to our second upcycling craft! Upcycling is the process of transforming something that would normally be considered trash into something useful and/or decorative. Check out the first craft at tnrl.ca/craft-to-go-upcycled-pop-bottle-planters

If you registered for a take-home package your library will call you when it’s ready for pickup. Otherwise scrounge up these materials yourself and give it a try!

For our 2nd adult take-home craft, we’re going to be making upcycled CD coasters! These are a great way to make use of extra materials you have around your home and transform them into something entirely useful!

Materials Needed:

  • CDs or DVDs
  • Fabric pieces 
  • Sandpaper 
  • White paint (acrylic recommended)
  • Felt pieces
  • Mod Podge Hard Coat
  • Paint brush/foam brush
  • Fabric glue or hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Ruler (Optional)

1. Trace the outline of a CD/DVD onto each of the pieces of fabric included in the kit.

2. On the side of the disc that has writing/pictures, sand off the glossy coating (it doesn’t need to be perfect, just enough to allow the white paint to stick).

3. Apply two coats of the included white paint to the discs, allowing for appropriate time in between coats for them to dry.

4. Cut the circles that you traced out of the fabric. You can cut the circles slightly smaller than the shape you traced to create a border effect on your coasters, depending on personal preference.

5. For the amount of coasters you’re making, cut the same amount of 3-inch circles out of the included felt material.

6. Once the white paint has dried, use the fabric glue provided to stick the felt circles to the bottom of each disc.

7. Add a coat of Mod Podge to the top of each disc (one at a time), and then gently press a fabric cutout onto each one, smoothing out any wrinkles or creases as you go. Leave to dry for 20 minutes before proceeding to step 8.

8. Finally, apply two coats of Mod Podge to the top of each disc over the fabric, allowing 2 hours inbetween coats for it to dry. This will act as the protective varnish for the fabric.

9. Enjoy your new set of DIY coasters! Thank you for participating! 

Craft 2 Pic 9 2

Craft idea, images, and instructions from Crafts by Amanda, https://bit.ly/3rIhLqf, accessed July 3rd, 2021. 

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