Preschool Craft Corner: Monstrous Monster Pals

Monsters can be many things- scary, creepy, furry, humongous, slimy... If you could make a monster, what would it look like? Bring your imaginary monster to life with this simple, but super fun craft!

This week we are all about monsters! Send a picture of your artwork to us at for a chance to be featured in next week’s newsletter and blog post.

Paper Plate Monster Pals

Materials Required

  • paper plates (any size)
  • paper or card stock (any colour)
  • a sharpie or marker
  • craft glue
  • coloured tissue paper, cut in small squares
  • scissors
  • a stapler (tape or glue would work too)

Step 1

Cut your tissue paper into squares.  Using craft glue, cover your paper plate with glue all the way to the edges.  This can be a drizzle or you can paint it on.

Place your tissue paper squares in whatever pattern you would like. 

You will need to add another drizzle of glue if you would like more layers of tissue!

Step 2

Design your monster eyes and cut them out.  Does your monster have one, two, or many eyes?  They could even have no eyes!

You can also use online templates or googly eyes if you do not want to draw eyes.

Step 3

Design other monstrous details for your monster and cut them out!  You could make

  • teeth/a mouth
  • a beak
  • a nose (or many)
  • tails
  • horns
  • feet
  • claws
  • fur/hair

What else can you think of?

Step 4

Use a stapler, tape, or glue to attach any pieces of your monster that need to attach near the edge.  You can attach them on the front or back of your monster.

Step 5

Glue on the other parts of your monster however you want!

Have fun creating your monster buddies!

Colour a Your Own Pet Monster

This monster does not seem very scary!  He seems rather friendly.  Can you give him some super cool colours?

Send a picture of your artwork to us at for a chance to be featured in next week’s newsletter and blog post.

Looking for more monstrous crafts?

Check out some of our past crafts below or come back next week for a brand new one!

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