#staffpick: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Young Adult Fiction
528 pages
Urban Fantasy
Available in print, large print, eBook, & eAudiobook!

Simon Snow is the “Chosen One” and rumored to be the most powerful magician to have ever existed. However, he simultaneously struggles to both control and harness his powers, which is becoming increasingly important given the magic-eating monster that’s creating innumerable magical “dead spots” around the world.

Together with his suspected vampire roommate, Baz, and his friends, Simon embarks on an adventure to defeat the monster, all while undergoing significant personal changes and developments and somehow trying to reconcile his last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and what he is to do after it concludes.

The first installment in the Simon Snow Series, this book is sure to enthrall readers with its unique storyline and instill excitement for the sequel!

Noah’s Thoughts:

Perhaps what I loved most about this book is how casually it seems to be written. In my experience, many fantasy/magical novels tend to have a very intense storyline that is dominated by a character’s come to power, and how they learn to master their abilities perfectly with ease and grace through countless trials and obstacles thrown their way. Though Simon learning to exert some control over his power does ultimately occupy a certain amount of the plot, I really appreciated the inclusion of a parallel storyline that was given equally as much attention, and especially the fact that it was one that showcased LGBTQIA2S+ characters!

Furthermore, I was really impressed with the characterization of the protagonist, but also the other main characters. This novel takes an altering-perspective approach, mainly rotating between Simon and his roommate Baz, but also including their friend Penelope, The Mage (Simon’s mentor) and Simon’s ex-girlfriend Agatha occasionally. In my opinion, this story could not have been written using a better perspective, because this really allows for the author to effectively communicate important details about each character without being overly obvious or blatant.

Finally, the storyline was just complex enough to retain my attention over the course of all 528 pages, but it also left enough unknown that I am extremely excited to delve into the second and third installments in this series! Rainbow Rowell really created a fascinating world with complex characters that I truly feel that I now have a personal investment in, and I am sure that other readers will feel the same! Happy reading!

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