Community Support Worker Q&A

We sat down with our Community Support Worker Karlie to learn more about what she is up to at the TNRL and the free resources she’s offering for our community! Read the full Q&A below, and be sure to connect with Karlie here.

Community support workers meet with people where they are at while offering support, services, and encouragement to people with mental health issues, substance use, developmental challenges, or physical disabilities.

I provide a listening ear and recommend resources for people in our community with concerns such as substance use, mental health, housing, or employment.  I offer in-person conversations at both Kamloops Libraries, and phone conversations for other TNRD residents over the phone or online. I’m also running a drop-in program the last two Saturdays of the month called Coffee & Conversations. This is a safe space where people can connect with each other and learn about other resources in the community.

I thought it was really interesting to have a community support worker/social worker in a library setting. 

I was curious what community support workers do in libraries and just wanted to know more about the field. 

Yes, you can book an appointment at I offer 20–30-minute appointments to talk about community navigation as well as mental health and substance use, food insecurity, housing, government programs, and really anything that comes up! 

On the last two Saturdays of each month, I have a program called Coffee and Conversations. The goal for this group is to just chat and learn about local agencies while connecting with people who have similar experiences. It is an open group and anyone can join! 

No, I hold a Human Service Diploma and currently in school to get my Bachelor of Social Work, so I can only offer supportive listening. When I graduate, I am qualified to offer counselling.

Here to Support Our Community

Are you in need of support with concerns such as substance use, mental health, housing, or employment, and not sure where to start? Our Community Support Worker is here to help you with resources and referrals to community agencies. We offer a variety of ways to connect, such as in person (Kamloops only), by phone, or online.

Our Community Support Worker Can:

  • Provide information and resources about the community agencies in town
  • Connect to services and help you navigate supports that best fit your need
  • Provide supportive listening and advocacyO

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