Password Update

In the coming weeks we are changing our requirements for library accounts. All accounts will require a numerical PIN, meaning your password can only contain numbers. 

If your password contains letters or special characters please update to a new PIN. 

How to update your password to a numerical PIN

There are two ways to update your password to a PIN. You can either ask a staff member at any of our libraries to do this for you, or you can do it yourself on our website. Read on for instructions on how to reset your own PIN.

  1. Type “” into your internet browser address bar.

2. Once you are on our website, click on “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of the page. You should now see the screen below. Log into your library account using your the barcode on the back of your library card and your current password/PIN. 

3. Click on the “Edit PIN” link beside the “Edit Account” button. 

4. Enter in your old password, then enter your new PIN again as shown in the image below. Your new PIN must be at least four numbers long, and cannot contain any letters or special characters. Click the “Submit” button.

5. That’s it! You can now close the pop out screen and use your library account as normal. 


Our password requirements are changing and we are moving toward numeric PINs. This is to accommodate some of our new technologies. If your current password contains only numbers you do not need to update or change it.

You will use the new PIN to log into your account on our website, it will be used on our new self-checks, and on some of our digital resources such as LinkedIn Learning and PressReader.

The details of this will depend on which browser you use. You will need to log into your account on your computer/device with the new password and when given the prompt, pick to save this PIN. Ask a staff member if you’re stuck!

No, you will still log into Libby with your Library Card number. It will also not affect some of our other online resources such as hoopla and Rocket Languages. 

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