Merritt Chicks Incubating

The Merritt Library Chicks are doing their thing, happily incubating until their expected due date of May 12.

The Merritt Library is Hatching Chicks!

The eggs were laid here in Merritt and they come from various chicken breed including Ameraucanas, Copper Marans, and Houdans.

TNRL Donates Library Materials to Honour Ranch

The TNRL was pleased to donate some gently used library books to the Honour House Ranch on Sat. Mar. 6th, 2021. The Honour House offers refuge or a “home away from home” for members of our Canadian Armed Forces, Emergency Services Personnel, veterans and their families.

Lytton Library Shows Love to its Community

Lytton Library Branch Head challenged the community to show their love by filling 4 boxes with food and they have far exceeded that amount!

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