#teenpick – Isle of Dogs

A #teenpick from Sydnee!

Dogs are mankind’s best-friends, especially for one boy, Atari, who is willing to go any
length to protect his canine friend. After a decree was put in place to exile all of the Dogs
located in Megasaki City, Atari took it upon himself to rescue his beloved dog, Spots. What
begins as a simple rescue mission will develop into something much more. Atari and his new
canine friends will set off on a dangerous journey that will forever change the future of

I absolutely love Isle of Dogs. The visuals are reminiscent of one of my childhood favourite films
Fantastic Mr. Fox. It is awesome to see movies in today’s age still using stop motion. The
utilization of puppets and the phenomenal voice acting give the characters in this film a unique
appeal. The storyline is not just enjoyable for kids, but for all ages. Following a tale of friendship
and perseverance, as well as one of corruption and justice! This movie is a phenomenal
example of the coupling between art and film. As a long-time fan of stop motion films and the
directors behind such works, I have to say this is one of the best I have seen!

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