Tech Tip: Holds/Checkouts not showing in My Account

Recently, some library users have had trouble viewing their Holds and Checkouts in My Account.


When they log into My Account they don’t see the ‘Holds’ or ‘Checkouts’ function on the left hand side, or it appears that they have no items on hold or checked out.


While this is certainly frustrating, there is an easy fix for this! If this is a problem for you, all you need to do is clear the cache on your internet browser. 


What is browser cache you ask?  Put simply, it’s a folder full of web pages stored on your computer. The basic purpose of a cache is to save download time for frequently visited websites.

The method for clearing your cache will depend on which browser you use. Click the button below for instructions on how to clear your browser cache for Chrome, Firefox and more!

Cleared your cache but still having problems with My Account? Send us an email or contact your local library and we’ll be happy to help!

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