Summer Craftivity: Monster Bookmark


  • Paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations


Step 1

Before we start creating this monster bookmark we need to make our piece of paper into a square. Lay your piece of paper flat and take a top edge and fold it down until it meets the edge.

Step 2

There should be an excess strip at the bottom that is not folded, this is the piece we will cut off (the green section in the photo). Voila, you now have a square piece of paper!

Step 3

Now that we have the square piece of paper we can start on folding the paper into our bookmark!

Step 4

Fold the paper into a triangle and then unfold it. Turn the paper and repeat this step to create two separate creases in the paper.

Step 5

Keep the piece of paper folded in a triangle. Take one side of the paper and fold it down until it meets the bottom of the paper.

Step 6

Fold the two sides (left and right) to the inside of the triangle until it meets the seam of the folded down triangle from step 5.

Step 7

Take the folded pieces from step 6 and fold them to the very top of the paper. The two sides should meet in the middle of your paper.

Step 8

Fold the top half of the two sides into the pocket we have created!

Step 9

Now that we have our base for the bookmark it is time for the decorating. Nicola has coloured her monster, made teeth, and added googly eyes to her bookmark. Feel free to add any decorations to your monster bookmark!

Final Product

Now that the decorations are complete your monster bookmark is ready to be used!

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