#teenpick- Lord of the Flies

A #teenpick from Sydnee!

Taking place in the middle of a devastating war Lord of the Flies follows a group of
young British boys who unluckily crash land onto a deserted island. Taking inspiration from
R.M. Ballantyne’s The Coral Island: a Tale of the Pacific Ocean, you might expect that this novel
is yet another tale depicting the nationalist ideals of English colonialism; A brave tale of British
boys overcoming the trials of savage lands. However, William Golding takes this idea and
forces a lens of reality over it. What truly lies at the core of humanity? Does societal ideology
and civil practice matter if there is no society to take part in?

This book is phenomenal, a classic for good reason. It’s one of those novels that I believe
everyone should read in their lifetime. Lord of the Flies has a one of a kind feeling. It carries a
heavy atmosphere and incites genuine emotion as you read. The magic of this book lies both in
what’s told, and in what’s left to be found between the lines. A wake up call and a reflection,
perhaps man’s evil is truly inherent. If you’ve been searching for an impactful novel, there is
none like Lord of the Flies.

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