#teenpick – Ghosts

Another #teenpick from Justice!

Catrina’s family is moving. Her sister Maya has cystic fibrosis and her family is going to live in Bahia de la Luna, a coastal city in northern California where the air blowing off the sea will help her sister breathe better. As the girls get to know their new home, a neighborhood boy reveals a secret about the town: it’s full of ghosts. Maya wants to meet a spirit but Catrina is afraid. But as a special day approaches where ghosts get to visit their loved ones, Catrina must learn to overcome her fear for both her sister and herself.

This book is so sweet! It has warmth, zest, and the best part, a lot of amazing things related to Mexican culture and tradition. I love how colourful and bright the art is and I really enjoyed the humor throughout the book. But my favourite part is the relationship that Cat and her sister Maya have. It’s really sweet and profound. I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading colorful comic books and stories filled with culture, humour, and heart.

You can find it here!

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